About us

Aguirre y Cía is a family business established in Spain in 1951 with the purpose of selling sports and hunting equipment. Since then, our presence in a fast-paced changing market has provided us with experience in textile and footwear areas. Our philosophy is based on effort, absolute reliability and quality service.

The base of our business in the sport market, are our brands Bullpadel, John Smith, Mikasa, Pacific, Browning, Winchester, CZ, and Miroku are also represented in exclusive by Aguirre y Cía. 

John Smith and Bullpadel collections are designed by our own team and production is controlled by our product department whose staff are distributed at our offices in Madrid, Sevilla, Barcelona, Seoul and Qingdao (China).

By sales volume, both Bullpadel and John Smith are among the first Spanish companies. We are also in Portugal, Netherlands, Serbia, Korea and China.

Our experience in textiles and footwear manufacturing, along with longstanding agreements with first class manufacturers, allows us to develop the textile collections of hunting, Browning Europe, manufacture and supply of textiles and footwear.

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